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Terms of Hire

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.
Responsibilities of the Equipment Hirer:
1.     The hirer has to ensure that the equipments maximum load weight will not be exceeded.
2.     Any equipment defects must be reported to Up2date immediately.
3.     The Equipment is to be used in a correct fashion, not causing any danger to either the user or to others.
4.     To prepare or return the equipment for collection when the hire time span has been reached.
5.     Punctures/puncture repairs are the responsibility of the wheelchair hirer.
6.     If items are to be transported in by aircraft or other means, it is your responsibility to ensure they are    adequately protected to remain free from any damage during transport.
7.     Loss or damage to the equipment is the sole responsibility of the hirer.
8.     Replacement are billed as follows:
·         Manual Wheelchair - $440.00
·         Light-weight Wheelchair - $490.00
·         Crutches - $55.00
·         Walkers/Rollators- $175.00
·         Shower stool/chairs- $150.00
·         Rehabilitation Chair- $385.00
·         Bed rests/back rests- $80.00

Equipment Returns:
1.     All items must be returned in a clean condition, the same in which they were hired or you will be liable for additional fees.
2.     If the Equipment was collected from our showroom then the equipment has to be returned to the same place.
3.     If the items are found to be damaged upon return you will be financially liable for the cost of new replacement item(s).
4.     If the Equipment was delivered then the items must be packed in the same way as it was received.
5.     When the equipment is ready to be collected it is the responsibility of the hirer to contact Up2date on 0800 227 363.
6.     Equipment can only be returned between Monday and Friday unless otherwise arranged
7.     If the items are not returned on their due date, the appropriate additional charges will be made and are charged on a per day lateness penalty. $5.00 per day.

Equipment Defects:
1.     If at any stage during the hiring period the equipment should be defect, the hirer is responsible to contact Up2date 0800 227 363.
2.     If the equipment is defect it is not to be used in any form until it has been repaired or replaced by Up2date.
3.     Up2date do not accept responsibility of the use of a defect item of equipment which causes damage or injuries.

Up2date does not accept any responsibility for misuse or use of equipment that is not safe. All equipment that are hired from Up2date are delivered in full working condition.